Hannity Reveals the Real Reason Shep Smith was Fired From Fox News

Sean Hannity, the most honest and trustworthy member of the Fox News team, has decided to open up about what really happened to Shep Smith. Reports of William Barr’s meeting with Rupert Murdoch have cast some doubt on the situation, but according to Hannity — none of what Shep is saying is true:

“Barr met with Rupert, sure, but it wasn’t to ‘direct the news cycle to the White House’s liking’ like the liberals are saying. And that’s where Shep comes in. Barr was simply informing Rupert that Shep had crossed the line by calling the President out on things he called ‘lies’ on the air.

“According to the Oathkeepers’ interpretation of the 16th Supreme Court adjudication of the US Constitution, the press is committing treason when they try to lie to undermine a President’s authority. Barr was simply concerned that if Shep was found to be in violation of that public trust, that the network would have to be held responsible as well.

Shep didn’t quit. He was terminated to save the company’s reputation.”

That makes way more sense than the guy quitting. He was basically a liberal getting a free ride on a real news station. They say he was one of the first people they hired, but that they wished they had fired him much sooner. Rupert Murdoch told us by email:

“Shep was a mistake but the board wanted to keep him around so we wouldn’t lose the 1.2 percent of our audience that agreed with his life choices. He had a good run. He’ll have to go find a real job now.”

Replacements for Smith could include Megyn Kelly, who hasn’t worked since she learned that only Fox News is worth working for, and Judge Jeannine, who has no experience as a news anchor but a voice that could stop a train.

Sorry, Shep. You’re already nothing but a bad memory.

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