Michigan County Bans Trump Lawn Signs


The wave of “new political correctness” is now sweeping over every state in America.  The latest hotspot for controversy has become Mengina Hill, Michigan, a small county just south of Lansing, where the city council voted, just this week, to begin enforcing a ban on : “displaying, affixing to property, or otherwise featuring on property, signs or notices advertising or promoting the Trump 2020 campaign.”

The ban passed last week with a city council vote of 10 to 2, with promoters alleging that the displays encourage “racist and exclusionary values that do not represent true American values and may constitute hate speech.”  Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has come out publicly with support for the censorship.

Whitmer has also mandated that all Trump supporters wear masks that cover their entire heads. It’s for everyone’s good.

Mengina Hill councilman Joe Barron told the Michigan Queefplower Daily that banning the offensive notices is the right thing to do in a better, more informed country :

“What a lot of this has come to is the cutest little ‘code words’ and dog whistles that racists and bigots have been using to cast aside their toxic beliefs.  ‘Thug’ is a veiled racist term.  The confederate flag.  The Dave Matthews Band.  And yes, mostly anything relating to Donald Trump.  It all promotes division by race and prejudice, and we have decided to take a stand first by staunching this infection of dickheads and half-dead white trash schizophrenics blabbering about Soros and ‘deep state’ bullshit like wide-eyed Batman villains.  We’re bringing sanity and peace to Michigan.  Accept it or get out.”

Crews will also be removing “Transformers” bumper stickers, because, hey, asshole, nobody thinks your Celica is a Decepticon.

The county has opened fourteen “Trumptrash” centers to accept any signs, posters, or paraphernalia associated with the impeached President’s campaign, where the offending material is crushed, burned, and finally sent to a recycling center.  The center, sponsored by Disney, is sponsoring the ban and covering all costs, and intends to convert all of the waste material into plush “Avengers” toys and adorable Baby Yoda merchandise in time for the 2020 Christmas season.

Baby Yoda’s agent, Gerald Florbstein, has a sweet 10% cut of the deal.

As America grows and progresses, the fight against racism gets serious.  Even when it means making a few elderly bigots shit themselves.

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