Maxine Waters : ‘Trump’s People are Subhuman Animals.’


Representitive Maxine Waters is certainly a woman of strong opinions.  Those opinions can sometimes get her in a bit of trouble, as we’ve seen recently with regard to her inflammatory remarks about the Minneapolis Chauvin trial.

Waters advised protesters angry about the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer to : “get more confrontational”, which the usual Fox News / Newsmax / OAN crowd blew out of proportion in order to try to overshadow their favorite psychotic President’s attempt to orchestrate an insurrection against the American government.

“If only Donald had given them specific directions that even morons could follow like I told him to.”

The California lawmaker, however, left no doubt about her opinions yesterday, and used far more specific language, according to Joe Barron of the AP Queefwire.

“The only people sick, twisted, and stupid enough to support murderous cops are Trump’s parade of disgusting old cockweebles.  These people are subhuman goddamn animals in the first place, and anything they manage to fart out of their mouthholes should be ignored.  I just can’t overstate how incredibly stupid and gullible they prove themselves to be on a daily basis.”

The scathing rant hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Even liberal media’s CNN reported that Waters’ remarks could be seen as “incitement”, and could be used by Chauvin’s defense attorneys to mount a possible appeal to any negative verdict.

Internet expert Jon Guluv disagrees, however, and argues that the lunatic right has casually incited violence and discord since 2009.

“Since Obama was elected, social media has been full of teabagging old maniacs referring to more than half their countrymen as : ‘satanic demoncats’, ‘anti-American’, and backed with yammering fantasies about starting a second civil war to satisfy their desires to freely murder their neighbors on the street.  Maxine Waters is pale in comparison to these violent dipshits.”

Dipshits or no, the Trump crowd is usually given a free pass when they call for violence and blame victims for their own murders, simply because the majority of Americans simply expect the trumptarded to choose the wrong side in any argument.  Sounds fairly subhuman to me.

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