Susan Collins Has Been Secretly Supporting Joe Biden

Susan Collins has been going behind Trump’s back and supporting Joe Biden. Sources inside her campaign loyal to Trump have informed the President that Collins is secretly telling her colleagues that they should vote for and support Joe Biden because Trump is “very disappointing.”

So far, we’ve had confirmation from no fewer than a dozen sources that Collins is, in fact, disappointed, and that her disappointment has led to her disappointing betrayal of the president she’s so disappointed in.

Our sources say she may be trying to save her seat, as she’s losing in the polls to Sarah Gideon, who is also disappointed in Donald Trump, but never has to say it, because Collins does it for her.

Gideon, who is younger, smarter, better liked, and more loyal to her own party than Collins, says the people of Maine are tired of hearing about how disappointed Collins is while she rubber stamps Trump’s judges and policies.

The people of Maine are tired of the political commercials in general, which many find disappointing.

It’s unclear if any of Collins’ colleagues will jump ship and vote for Biden, but she’s made it known that if they don’t, she’ll be very disappointed.

Trump has already tweeted about Collins, saying that all of the blind devotion she’s shown is null and void because she may not support the confirmation of Amy Coney Island Hot Dog.

Coney Island has tried to distance itself from the SCOTUS nominee, but not from hot dogs. Collins said she finds that very disappointing.

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