650 Dem Parents Charged with Child Neglect for Letting Their Kids Skip School

650 parents in the Atlanta School District were charged with neglect after allowing their children to “skip school for climate change.” The charges came after several reports that kids were seen smiling and laughing, not protesting in anger. According to the State Constitution, children are only allowed to protest outside of school hours.

That didn’t matter to thousands and thousands of parents across the country who put their politics above their kids. They’re feeding them these crazy climate change ideas that aren’t real and then not letting them go to school where they might learn the truth.

In Mississippi, 15,000 kids missed school. While studies suggest that missing a single day of school in Mississippi will actually make them smarter, the concern is that they might see or learn something about history or America that the school board hasn’t approved.

Superintendent Art Tubolls explains:

“Our schools ain’t like most northern schools. We’re required to teach the positive aspects of our great country and focus on patriotism and southern pride and heritage. If they’re out there marching for some liberal lie like science, they may be exposed to lies about the Civil War and slavery.

We take our history very seriously here, and we don’t need no realists coming along to screw that up. Our kids are the happiest, healthiest, and smartest in the country for a reason.”

Tubolls is absolutely right, of course. Kids don’t need to have their heads filled with science many people disagree with. It’s not healthy for their young brains. They should stick to English, math, and prayer. Period.


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