MLK Foundation Endorses Joe Biden For 2020


Presidential candidate Joe Biden is having a good week.  Ahead in the polls by double digits and set to formally lock down the official Democratic nominee ticket, the Big Bear from Delaware is leaping forward in his quest to take charge of America in 2020 from a flailing and hideously unqualified Donald Trump.  Adding to his fortune this weekend was the solid endorsement of the Martin Luther King Jr. foundation, a key asset in securing the crucial African-American vote.

“One of the Bad Ones”, according to Trump’s bumbletwat supporters, Colin Powell is preparing a panic room.

Trump has been falling in support from nearly every category of voter save for uneducated white males.  His opponent is set to dominate with women, Hispanics, furries, bronies, blumpkin-enthusiasts, and is even making inroads with evangelicals.  Now, with the crucial black vote looking to be his after the incumbent impeached President chose to let his racist flag fly during the current civil unrest crisis, we might just be witnessing the start of a landslide for Biden.

Democratic strategist Joe Barron of the super-pac Beat That Douchebag released a statement from the campaign, which would be an illegal action, were this a true story:

“We are proud to have the support of the foundation.  It’s a common mistake by trumptards with absolutely no knowledge of reality that King was a registered ‘Republican’.  Not only isn’t that demonstrably false just judging by his voting record, but it’s laughable, considering the current makeup of the unbelievably backwards racist Trump base of throwbacks and barely-human crotch fungus.  These are people that claim they have ‘black friends’ in one breath, and then donate to the GoFundMe of a cop who murdered an unarmed black victim with the next.  I mean, it’s a no-brainer.  Why vote for Trump?  The only reason I can think of is massive scale brain rot.”

“Omigod, I so TOTALLY got that after prom when we went to that party with the German club!”

King’s family also read a statement declaring their own support for Biden, adding that Trump’s recent fake Bible stunt did more harm than good.  Said King’s granddaughter, Burger : “That man ain’t prayed for anything besides cream to make them ball crabs go away.”

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