Fox Fires Candice Owens After ‘Inflammatory’ Tweets


Conservative darling Candice Owens never backs down.  She’s given her fresh take on subjects ranging from racism to racial bias and the sometimes controversial topic of the discrimination of certain Americans based on race.  Unfortunately, the liberal bastion of unfree speech, Twitter, decided to slide the knife in when they got their feelings hurt, leaving Fox News no choice but to fire her or face the wrath of angry sponsors.

The 47-year old Owens was hired two years ago by the network in order to have a black face somewhere in their lineup that would be “safe” by telling the mainly 90-year old white male audience what they want to hear while simultaneously making them feel less racist.  Owens has acted as many senior citizen’s only window into black culture, even if it is a window representing nearly zero percent of that culture.  So really, a pinhole from inside a nursing home restroom would be a more apt analogy.

The tweets that the bombastic expert of nothing posted were labelled “racist” and “violently offensive” by the social media giant, according to Twitter’s lead censor Joe Barron.   Within hours, Fox News studio execs received hundreds of threats to pull advertising from dozens of clients including Kaopectate, Carnival Covid Cruises, various denture creams, and Ferryman Funeral Homes, a subsidiary of WKRP broadcasting.

Although Owens has already begun updating her resume to attempt a move to even more ridiculously shitty “news” network OAN, most in the industry already have begun to shy away from hiring her, for fear of a similar backlash.  It’s beginning to look like the opinionated firebrand might have gotten herself on the blacklist.  And knowing her ludicrous leaps of logic, she’ll probably consider that racist.

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