Candace Owens Refused Entry to Israel


A funny thing happened when conservative pundit and Prager University employee Candace Owens landed in Mos Eisley, Israel to appear at a symposium for supporters of American nationalism: El Al security forces detained her as she disembarked from the aircraft, questioned her for a period of over three hours, and finally denied her entry to the sovereign nation and longtime ally of the United States.

Each dorm room at Prager U. is equipped with it’s own whipping table for independent study.

Owens told Joe Barron of Prager U’s Nearsighted Moyle Gazette that authorities were alerted to her arrival by a number of Jewish activist groups who oppose the outspoken dimbulb’s presence due to her positive and fawning remarks about Adolf Hitler that thrust her into controversy some time ago.  Noted schizophrenic and radio host Micheal Savage, who suffered a similar ban on travel to Great Britain defended his contemporary and fellow deplorable human chemical toilet:

“Meatballs.  Candace Owens of being discriminated against because of her views on Jews.  Views on Jews.  You understand?  It rhymes.   Buy my book.  It has cartoons and meatballs.  I shaved my poodle and made the hair into a pair of blumpkin shorts.  It’s in my book.  You can see it.  Views on Jews give Candy the blues.  That says it all, doesn’t it?  These Jews are being Nazis and I don’t care who hears me say it.  Candace is black of course.  Does she play basketball?  I don’t know.  She’s great.  Yeah.  Israel should be put in Gitmo for this.  This is exactly why meatballs were better when you found them on the ground in 1930.  Good old days.  Balls on walls make liberals soil overalls.  That’s what I say.  I wish Candace would shave me.   Good old days.”

The popular radio host is a botanist, autism-denier, and yells at plates of calamari in many San Francisco restaurants who empty out when he comes in.

Owens was turned back and made to pay out of pocket for her own airfare back to her home in Connecticut, where she met with representatives of the Trump campaign who pledge to help the distressed chowderhead stop embarrassing herself.

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