McCartney Introduces The New ‘Beatles’


If you remember the days when the music of the Beatles topped the charts and “Love Me Do” blared from every car radio in town, Sir Paul McCartney has some great news in store.   He’s personally hand-picked a new group of youngsters to carry the mantle of the Beatles into the 21st century.

Hey. This is the ghost of John Lennon. I’m just taking a minute away from banging the ghost of Princess Di to tell you Paul’s a bloody wanker.

The New Fab Four, complete with stage names George, John, Paul, and Ringo are a British foursome McCartney first made contact with in Glasgonberry.  After a year of mentorship, the Fab One himself was so convinced of their talent, he legally sold the name of “The Beatles” to them permanently.  From today on, these young men are The Beatles in every way.

Young Paul is even dating a one-legged British model. She had two legs when they started, though.

Their fist album, Produced and written by McCartney, is scheduled to debut sometime next February, around the time of Trollapalooza.  Tentatively titled : “Return To Strawberry Fields, Bitch”, these lads are sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming decade of musical fame.

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