Justice Department Overrules State Department on Clinton Email Probe: ‘She’s Guilty of 14 High Crimes’

The US Justice Department, headed by Trump ally William Barr, is laughing at the sloppy, incompetent State Department, still run largely by Hillary Clinton’s accomplices. According to Deputy Attorney General, Art Tubolls, The State Department has some explaining to do:

“State has decided that Clinton did nothing wrong when she bleached 33K emails after giving them to the Russians. They’ve decided that she hasn’t had anyone murdered and that the Clinton Foundation is a charity that actually serves the public rather than the human and drug-trafficking empire we all know it to be.

“We are discarding the State Department’s recommendation and opening our own independent investigation, without the shills from the FBI and CIA there to hold us back.”

Tubolls says they are investigating at least 14 high crimes Clinton most likely committed, including the sale of Uranium One for profit, sending $1.2 billion to Iran and getting a kickback, and murdering at least 200 people going all the way back to Vince Foster.

Basically, Hillary Clinton is guilty of doing at least a few hundred things that would land an ordinary citizen in jail. But not her. She gets to keep tweeting nonsense torads our President and she’s actually considering running against Trump again. Hopefully, the Justice Department can find the dirt they need to put her away for good.

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