Radio Stations Ban Pro-Trump Emmylou Harris Song


(Additional reporting by Lauren Perrine) It’s another blatantly obvious case of “It’s okay, but only when liberals do it.”

All last year, radio outlets across the country were falling all over themselves to put Taylor Swift’s disrespectful and insulting song : “You Ain’t My President” into heavy rotation.  We real Americans did our best to ignore it being played on Good Morning America, and on the car stereos of our own children and grandchildren.

That’s not even counting Paul McCartney’s new tune : “Let ‘Em In (If They Have a Mask On)”

But now, as country music legend and superstar Emmylou Harris releases her first single in over 25 years, a breathy instant classic dedicated to the pride of living under the blanket of *President Donald Trump, entitled: “He’s a Lion To Us All”, it seems the tables have suddenly turned.  Despite hitting number three on the Billboard Country Music chart, stations across America are refusing to play it.

Joe Barron of the E.I.B. network explained why to Stoning Roll magazine :

“Well, nobody wants to hear it, basically.  It’s more or less a nearly exact copy of that shitty ‘Let Freedom Ring’ song that Sean Hannity uses as intro music, so the first measure right away gives people douche chills.  Country music is suffering anyway after what Michelle Obama opined about IT, and frankly, she was right.   Emmylou is like 73 years old.  If I wanted to hear some senior citizen warble on and on about a fat handicapped chuckletard, I’d ask my grandma about her first husband who built furniture out of beer cans.”

Uncle Zeke did all the emptying for him and provided all the snotglue.

As of now, YouTube has refused to host the video, which features Trump digitally inserted into the latest Lion King movie.  Your only hope is music outlet Tower Records, which is standing up for freedom and handing out free copies of the single at any store.  You’d better be quick!  Trump isn’t going to last much longer!


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