ICE - Two New ‘Refugee Caravans’ Reach Border By June


When President Reagan called America : “A shining city on a hill”, he probably didn’t have any idea that decades later, that city would be laid to siege by the Huns.  Thank goodness for his successor and moral Godson Donald Trump, for at least rallying the masses to give is our own Great Wall to push them back.

In his own musings about America, President Taft once famously opined : “We need to invent Diet Coke.”

The U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration department has just notified the State Department that not one, but TWO more “caravans” of refugees are heading for the southern border seeking asylum.  Mr. Reagan may have been completely out of his noggin with the Mad Cow at the time he made that statement, but he was right.  This is a serious attack on our country by invaders asking politely if they could apply to come in and pay $3000 for a one-bedroom in Los Angeles.  What do they think we are, a nation of immigrants?  That nonsense ended when we saw the first dozen were way too frighteningly tan.

Sandy Batt of Amnesty Interqueefinal made the usual libtarded plea to Congress for what’s being called “amnesty” by Fox News personalities who don’t own dictionaries:

“These people are coming to escape problems that were largely caused by America in the first place.  Their countries are were upended by our interference in their governing.  When our puppets fell because we didn’t care enough to support them, gangs and criminals took over.  Not to mention the climate change that President Failure doesn’t believe in has eroded their water and farmland.  They don’t have a choice.  It’s not an ‘invasion’ if they’re asking for paperwork.  Try not to be dicks.”

One refugee carries this sign to cover his pussarial zone from possible Presidential grabbage.

This is the kind of mentality we’re dealing with.  Well, Jesus is on our side, and he’d certainly say the right move is to wall these carpetbaggers out, not welcome them with open arms.  These people need to learn America isn’t Hickory Farms.  You don’t just get to stroll in and make a lunch out of free samples.

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