Goldberg Donates 500 Easter Dinners to Border Migrants

Some are calling it an Easter miracle.  Or rather, “un miraclo del Pasqua.”

Host of popular morning program and star of “Sister Act” Whoopi Goldberg has opened her heart and donated nearly 500 Easter dinners to disheveled and hungry migrants on the southern border.  Each dinner consists of baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a dessert.  Children are also being provided with festive Easter baskets containing chocolate, fruits, and other treats.  The actress reportedly spent nearly two million dollars to make the generous outpouring occur.

That’s $1,999,998.50 more than Donald spent on Melania’s card, which was really just left over from Christmas.

Goldberg, long a vocal critic of President Trump’s stringent immigration policies told Joe Barron of the New Mexico Daily Queefer that she felt the holiday was based on renewal, rebirth, and the power of love and faith:

“As a bartender on Ten-Forward, I heard a lot of stories of desperation and hard luck.  It touched my heart.  Jesus was all about feeding people.  I know quite a bit about it from my life as a singing nun.  And as for miracles, I talked to a ghost and ran around with a talking horse.  Believe you me, the world is more magical than you think. I just thought this would be a good time to give back and also underline what an awful, disgusting human piece of garbage Donald Trump is.  God bless us all.  Except him.”

“Mom? Should i wear a hat so the priest doesn’t see the 666 on the back of my neck? Oh, and I ate another old lady.”

Many of the caravan migrants celebrated the news happily, lighting votive candles, praying to pictures of the celebrity, and burning patchwork effigies of the President that lit up the southern sky.  It looks like this Easter will truly be the festival of life and living that it was meant to be.  Without the help of the White House.

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