Romney Has 12 Republican Senators Willing to Impeach


Thus far in the saga of the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Republican supporters have been comforted by the fact that should he be charged in the Congress, our meatloafiest leader would also need 20 Republican votes in the Senate before he is ousted.  Well, thanks to Utah Senator Mitt Romney, that possibility has become uncomfortably closer.

But not like, Brokeback uncomfortably close.

Romney has for quite some time been a “never-trumper”, meaning he now appears to contain whatever sense the Republican party used to have.  Last month, he publically called the President a “porky handicapped herpes-ape” and was seen attempting to draw dick’s all over the Presidential limousine during a visit to the White House.   In an interview with the Queefington Post, the stormin’ Mormon detailed his work :

“I’ve already convinced 12 senators to go ahead with impeachment.   Counting myself, that means I only need 7 more.   I can do that by December, and by then, Heavenly Father be praised, it’ll be the end for a President so bad he makes Bush junior look manageable.  After that, I’m banning coffee shops.   Thanks, no photos please.  I like my soul unstolen.”

The Mormon people have interesting quirks, like having multiple wives, using condoms to store eggs, and comprising 97% of Nickleback’s fan base.

Is Romney making empty threats and wasting his time, or could he be the wild card that determines the very ending of this adventure like Trashcan Man in the Stand? One thing is for certain.  M O O N spells “moon.

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