Biden Leads Pro-Choice March in Detroit



Presidential candidate Joe Biden is pulling out all the stops to put a shine on his progressive credentials this week, heading up a women’s reproductive rights march through greater Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday, ahead of the state’s Democratic primary. The event will feature thousands of abortion rights supporters.

Many political pundits believe the elder statesman is using the display to appeal to far-left Bernie Sanders voters while simultaneously showing opposition to President Trump, who himself, attended an anti-choice Christian conservative rally weeks ago, pretending to be Christian in order to dupe his religious constituents, which is easier to do than Bristol Palin.

Icons and celebrities from Planned Parenthood as well as the Sandy Batt Foundation for Personal Vaginas will be on hand, starting from the outer neighborhood of Teabilly, passing through downtown Queefalicious Heights, and meandering down the Rahm Emmanuel Bagel Highway before grouping in the Motor City’s downtown area. Biden will give a speech before surrendering the stage to musical act Alice in Chains, performing their abortion-inspired hits : “Down in a Hole”, and “Man in a Box.”

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