Pelosi Files Impeachment Addendum Brief to Nullify Kavanaugh Appointment


It appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn’t completely finished with her impeachment game yet.  Early this afternoon, the Democratic leader spoke during a press conference called from the veranda of San Francisco’s Hustler Club, and outlined an entire follow-up program designed to further upset the Trump agenda, beginning with filing a legal addendum brief to nullify the addition of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

“I’m not really having a good time here anyway. I thought a Supreme court would have some Supreme poontang.”

Kavanaugh, as many may recall, was held up from his appointment after women came forward to testify that he was previously a date-raping fraternity douchelick, which would put a stain on his temperence for judging.  There was also the fact that he had never tried a case.  A frequent target of ire for the liberal progressives, it’s thought by many that he may be only the first of Pelosi’s takedowns.

Pelosi has already drawn up attack plans and refilled the booster intakes of her Congressional X-Wing for battle.

An aide in the Speaker’s office who wished to remain anonymous told John Guluv of the Queefington World Press that Pelosi also intended to have the United Nations remove Attorney General Bob Barr by filing international charges of corruption against him, is planning to have Mike Pompeo framed as the organizer of a counterfeiting ring, and has already planted small packets of crack cocaine throughout Mike Pence’s Illinois etsate.

Will it ever end with Pelosi and the Democrats and their witch hunt happening just because the President broke a few dozen measly meaningless laws a few dozen times?  It’s like a crappy television show that gets renewed for reasons no one can explain, like “The Good Doctor” or “Under the Dome”, which should have ended the second people got OUT from under the dome.  Perhaps Congress should concentrate on creating a “Jump the Shark” law.

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