FBI Adds Two Prominent Democrats To List Of Suspects In Epstein Case

Democrats are scrambling to cover for their own after two major players were implicated in the ongoing Epstein investigation.

Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, who aren’t the two authorities are eyeballing, have already released statements saying they’re certain their colleagues are innocent. The DOJ isn’t officially releasing their names.

That hasn’t stopped us from doing our jobs, patriots.

Our investigation has uncovered the truth, and it’s going to sting the Dems. Hard.

The truth, patriots, is that the two Democrats are high-ranking officials from the Obama Administration, and we have proof. While we have chosen not to divulge our evidence until the Grand Jury comes back and delivers indictments, we can tell you that the Obamas themselves are going to have some explaining to do.

Our reporter in the field, Art Tubolls, told us that the mountain of evidence is going to take investigators a long time to get through:

“There’s a mountain of evidence that will take investigators a long time to get through.”

We’ve also been notified that Nadler and Schiff might be suspects on some lists but not others, and that Obama’s list of Nadler’s is different from Schiff’s list of Obamas. That could also take some time to sort through.

Essentially, there’s a good possibility that the entire Democrat party is responsible for everything Epstein related.

At the same time, the guy who has been photographed more with Epstein than anyone, Donald Trump, has been cleared of all wrongdoing by The Oval office and declared to be innocent by thew official White House Twitter account.

At least we know there are some people we can trust.


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