AG Barr: NASCAR Confederate Flag Ban Violates 1st Amendment

they have a right to express their heritage

NASCAR’s decision to ban the selling or display of Confederate flags and merchandise has caused tremendous outrage among fans and drivers alike. The Confederate flag, like NASCAR, was born in the South and both remained a symbol of Southern Heritage until the recent decision by NASCAR to ban these patriotic items.

At the request of President Donald Trump, Attorney General Bill Barr has assembled a team of federal prosecutors to address this blatant violation of the First Amendment.

An Inside source at the DOJ who did not wish to be named told our Senior Justice Correspondent Art Tubolls that the prosecution team is gathering evidence to present to a Grand Jury. The source also gave us the following statement:

“A number of people inside the organization conspired to make this happen. We know who the ringleader is. As soon as we identify the other henchmen and determine their motives, we will present the evidence to the Grand Jury and move forward with charges.”

We also contacted Phillip Mianis, the Republican National Committee Secretary of Communications and Propaganda for a comment. We received the following statement via email:

“The First Amendment protects both the Free Speech and Freedom of Expression rights of all Americans. There is no exception for NASCAR. The drivers and fans have a right to express their heritage and the Constitution makes this clear – their rights shall not be infringed.”

A sad NASCAR fan. At least we think he was. And we think he’s a NASCAR fan. Kinda looks like one.

What happens with NASCAR remains to be seen. Will the perpetrators get locked up? Will NASCAR survive this scandal? Will the drivers continue to compete? Will the fans continue to attend in enough numbers that will allow NASCAR to remain profitable? Will fans once again be able to use their Constitutional right to express their heritage?

We may not have the answer to these questions just yet, but with Bill Barr at the helm and Phillip Mianis taking up the rear, we’re certain to hear plenty of noise out of this situation.

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