Judge Judy Calls Trump : ‘The Biggest Criminal in America’


Judge Judy Sheindelin is the highest paid star on television, and for 25 years has had one of the highest rated programs nationwide.  Now, in one of a series of interviews in preparation for her new programs incarnation, “Lock Them Up”, Judy wasn’t very shy in handing out a guilty judgement on our *President Donald Trump:

“Let me tell you something about Donald Trump.  I’m from New York, okay, and I remember him through the years.  I’ve dealt with hundreds of people he’s ripped off and conned.  He’s the biggest criminal in the country.  If you can’t see that, your brain is basically a clump of pudding.  Okay?  The Fact that this professional fraud is the *President disgusts me to the pit of my stomach.  I wouldn’t trust him in my house to not steal my silverware and rape my dog.  That’s what a piece of human filth he is.  He should be locked up for good.”

“If he ends up in jail, ah do hope they give him the adorable pajamas that show off his amazin’ rear end!”

Sheindelin has kept her personal politics under wraps traditionally, for fear of the possible backlash on her show and sponsors.  However, her longtime friend and television bailiff Sandy Batt says that she’s been convinced that Trump’s followers haven’t any power to do anything of the scope, since she’s more financially secure than the commander in chief himself anyway, and feels that he’s become too much of a danger to America to remain silent about any longer.

“He hasn’t been any sort of billionaire or even millionaire for some time now”, the Judge added.  “Believe me, I could buy and sell him like a used Corolla.  He doesn’t have the balls to come up against me, and he knows it.  And just in addition, anyone coming into my courtroom at any time in the future with one of those shitty hats of his gets thrown directly in jail.  Okay?  That’s it.  No nonsense.”

Uh oh. Hey Rog, remember when we said we could get you out AND on tv? New plan.

The Trump administration has so far not responded to the slight, but insiders have reported that the *President has wet himself in the past upon hearing the adjudicator’s voice.


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