Epstein Cellmate ‘Heard Woman’s Voice’ Before Suicide


Shocking news came this morning of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide in his holding cell in Tacoma, Washington.

Epstein had hung himself with tied-together linens, avoiding a lengthy showboat trial, and possibly keeping concealed the secret of the powerful and famous clients he’d provided with services.  But is it really that simple?

And why did he have a poster of Rita Hayworth on his wall?

Edward Nigma, a corporate embezzler awaiting trial occupied the cell to Epstein’s left.

He claims, in testimony given to prison officials, to have heard a female voice coming from near or inside Epstein’s confinement cell just before noises of strangulation followed by eerie silence.  An excerpt of that testimony was obtained by Unite journalist Charles Szasz :

“It was about two hours after lights out - I remember because I’d just finished reading ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.’  I heard a low, muffled female voice coming from over there.   I could only make out a few words.  ‘Can’t have this something something.’  ‘You know…something…penalty….something…’  And then, I think….’Bite daughter?  No.  Wait.  ‘Whitewater.’  That was it. ‘Whitewater.'”

Epstein may have been referring to a 2011 whitewater rafting trip taken with Kevin Spacey and Brett Kavanaugh.

The prison’s official records indicate that no one had entered the cell block at any time yesterday or this morning, although security cameras had been shut down for maintenance for a period of 35 minutes, which guards say was information known to less than four employees.

Could it be that there’s more to this jailhouse justice than there appears?

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