Mexican Government Files Kidnapping Charges For Border Detainees


In a stunning legal maneuver this weekend, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known as “AMLO”, and his Attorney General’s office filed multiple and wide-ranging charges against the Trump administration for kidnapping hundreds of “Mexican nationals” and detaining them against their will.  The charges brazenly call for the arrest and extradition of President Trump himself, as well as former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

While the President’s staff scrambles to develop a response, Obrador also co-filed the charges with courts in the United Nations and the Hague.  The situation adds to an already precarious situation with America’s con-manniest leader in the middle of an impeachment during election season.

“What’s the situation? Really? Really? Uh no. I can’t. I’m camping in the mountains right now. Yeah. Mountains.”

A spokesman for the Mexican Government’s legal department, Jose Barrona, made a brief statement on Telemundo yesterday :

“The fat gringo President and his group of twisted and racist underlings have outright committed human rights violations and continue to do so.  Si.  Si, it’s true.  So.  Is time to pay.  You know what I think?  I think you remember the Alamo the wrong way.”

We lost. And so we CELEBRATE!

U.N. troops have begun mobilizing should any action need to be taken to enforce the extradition order.  It looks like President Trump, known as a cartoon President, may have just found himself as a coyote outwitted by a road runner.

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