Bill Clinton’s Love Child Found Dead ‘Under Suspicious Circumstances’

Danney Williams, the brave man who came forward after learning he was Bill Clinton’s secret love-child, is dead. According to the Little Rock County Coroner, his death was anything but natural:

“First of all, Danney had finished her transition, so ‘she’ legally died Danny Williams, a 41-year-old woman from Kindlefluegen, Minnesota.

As for the cause of death, that remains a mystery. She didn’t die of natural causes. All indications lead to her being alive when she died, making her death even more suspicious. As soon as we have answers, we’ll start asking questions.”

Danny Clinton was a good person. After failing to produce any DNA in common with anyone actually named Clinton, he was able to go back through records of a strictly biblical nature — the only place a person can find real truth — and reconstruct exactly how and when he was conceived, and Bill Clinton was the only available option.

Patrick Jane, the FBI special investigator who broke the famous “Red John” case, says the criteria has been met for a special exception to the DNA rule:

“One of our best episodes dealt with a ‘chimera,’ or a person carrying a different DNA in their sperm than the rest of their body. Bill Clinton, having been born in Mississippi on a Thursday in June, qualifies.”

Clinton has been getting away with this kind of thing for decades now. At least we know why. Follow Bill’s spooge and the truth will follow.

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