Clinton-Owned Medical Supply Company Quadruples Price for Ventilators and Masks

As the country tries to find the best way to get the ventilators President Trump says we don’t need to the places that he says don’t need them most, monsters like the Clintons are ramping up efforts to get rich from a national emergency. According to our sources, which may or may not be reliable, Clinton Medical Supply and Bicycle Parts is raising the prices on essential equipment, including ventilators and coveted N95 masks, to more than four times the normal price:

“Ventilators usually cost about $25K, and now they’re charging $106K each. That means that if we do have the issues Trump says we won’t, the Clintons stand to make $40 billion.

“They’ve also raised the price on protective masks, citing a shortage in the supply chain. What should cost just over $2 is now $17, a price-hike of more than 5000 percent.

“These people are clearly monsters.”

We checked the law regarding price-gouging in a pandemic and found that the Republican Congress passed a law in 2017 that made it legal as long as there was “no threat anyone could see coming.” The Clintons jumped on the COVID 19 bandwagon early, long before we knew it would be serious:

“In all honesty, we were planning to drop the prices, but then Trump announced that it was all just a hoax to hurt his re-election numbers. He said the number of cases would go down, so we decided to jack up the prices for all theose liberal states that would probably blow it all out of proportion. We had no idea that Trump was just a buffoon who doesn’t care about anything but the stock market and votes.

“It’s his fault, really.”

Typical. When all else fails, blame it on trump. Sure, he told us what we wanted to hear, but that’s his job. Now he wants to hear that you’re dropping the price of those masks and ventilators back to where you’re only making a 6K percent profit rather than a 60K percent profit.

Do it for the people, Killery. We know you won’t but maybe you should. You’re old, too.

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