Biden Calls Communism ‘Misunderstood’


Early last week, experts say that Presidential Joe Biden may have dropped one of his infamous “gaffes” at a fundraising event in Queefawanda, New York.  The senator had been speaking about the general lack of knowledge among the right-wing portion of American voters when he stated that the system of Communism was “misunderstood”.

Also misunderstood - the lyrics to “Blinded By the Light.” It’s “Soaped up like a loofah”, people.

Biden and just about anyone that President Trump’s zombie-like swarm of gibbering monkeytards doesn’t like has been labeled a “communist” more than once on social media and television networks specifically programmed for the unfortunately-stupid.  However, Biden told Joe Barron of Dipshits Pretending to Know What They’re Talking About magazine, that these collections of mainly elderly prune pits are simply pretending to know what they’re talking about.

“Like nearly any word having more than two syllables, Trump’s supporters just belt out garbage in a feeble attempt to appear halfway smart.  Communism is a system of government where private citizens can not own property.   I have a house.  Bernie has houses.  Kamala has a house.  I’m certain Taylor Swift has a house.  These people watch Fox or OAN and just repeat what some overpaid nobody farts out in an opinion show.  These programs are not news.  They’re the equivalent of a mentally ill psychotic standing on a box on a street corner warning everyone that aliens from Neptune are coming for their private parts.  And they’re dumb enough to repeat it.  Meanwhile, the guy who’s balls they’re massaging is bumping gonads with Putin, basically, Communist Number One.  It’s just nuts.”

Not nuts - Shia LeBeouf and his new idea for “wearable resumes.”

Although the comment made perfect sense during the speech and highlighted a problem one would think the deplorable horribles would want to work on, it was simply taken out of context by Fox News and replayed over and over during Tucker Carson’s show break while he slaughtered a prostitute in the Green Room.

Was it a good idea to try to use reason and fact with trumptards for Mr. Biden?  Or are they already too far gone to have any other uses beyond paperweights?

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