Sharpton Calls For Democrats To ‘Evacuate Racist Georgia’


Civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton never misses a chance to glom onto a headline to get some attention.  He’ll turn any and every news story into his own crusade for one liberal socialist cause or another.  And now he’s targeted the state of Georgia, just as they’re in the midst of a tragedy.

After a recent incident where a young black man was, and there’s really no other word for it, murdered, by two hillbilly animal followers of Trump, the entirety of which was captured on video, Sharpton has decreed to his minions that the only thing to be done about a racist backwards collection of worthless sewage like Georgia, is to simply empty the state of normal, upright people like Democrats, and let whichever Lord running the biggest peach farm deal with the Flies.

Run, Piggy! Run!

Joe Barron, leader of the group Evolve Georgia - Oh, Why Bother Trying? agreed with the bombastic speaker:

“Basically, it’s the ultimate southern state that’s just full of meth-headed racist wife-beater wearing second-grade dropouts.  The chances of it ever turning blue and even remotely intelligent are few and far between, so I don’t see a reason why Democrats shouldn’t just pull the same trick Trump did with two of his wives and hit the road running.  This case is cut and dried with video evidence, but you know these mutants will get off.  They’re already painting the poor victim as an aggressor, and all the racist trumptards are onboard.  To quote the great movie ‘Aliens’ : ‘I say we take off - nuke the site from orbit - It’s the only way to be sure.”

If we go ahead and do that while the Red Hot Chili Peppers happen to be touring in the area, hey, two birds, one stone.

Sharpton intends to visit the state’s capitol of Atlanta this coming week to push his reccomendation to whatever normal people still remain.  Will this exodus solve anything? In the long run, perhaps it’ll whittle down the gene pool of America.  And that’s obviously something we need done.

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