Joe Biden Promises To Give Bill Gates’ Daughter A ‘Very Powerful Job’ In Exchange For $30 Million ‘Contribution’

Sleepy Joe is already breaking campaign finance laws with his new pal, Bill “I wanna be George Soros” Gates. Gates is planning on dumping a bunch of his stolen money into the void of Biden’s campaign — but not without a nice bribe.

According to Business Insider’s sister publication, Kayaking Today, Gates told a friend on a recent trip down the Saco River in Maine that he’s giving Biden $30 million in exchange for a “high-powered job” for his 31-year-old daughter, Karen Wilekenmeyer Gates.

The source, agreeing to be interviewed with the condition that we protect his identity, says that Gates has aspirations to be even more hated by Soros in the realm of Trump supporters:

“He said those stupid f*ckers will hate him way more than that Hungarian, even though he’s not a Nazi like Soros. He said he loves to laugh at them for being so dumb. He said his favorite thing to do is to go to satire pages on Facebook just to make fools out of them when they share ridiculous, unsourced nonsense that a 4th-grader could recognize as fake.

“He’s really proud of how smart he is. He thinks he’s smarter than Trump and all of his ‘dimwitted, sycophantic followers’ combined. He even provided the group with flow charts right before ukelele campfire karaoke. He sang Mr. Robots remarkably well.”

Gates might be smart, but there’s no way he’s as smart as all of us combined. Some of us even use Apple products, so what does he say about that? Hopefully, President Trump has this egregious display of nepotism investigated. What kind of person gives a job in Washington to a friend, relative, or campaign donor without that person being qualified?

Karen Gates has zero experience in politics. She’s a fashion designer — and not a very good one. At some point, these shenanigans need to be called out for what they are.

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