Greta Endorses Biden : ‘For Good of the World’


With Republican pollsters beginning to really sweat over incumbent *President Trump’s re-election prospects as he trails farther and farther behind in matchups with presumed candidate Joe Biden, things have just kicked up an organic notch.  Biden has just procured the official endorsement of climate activist and media darling Greta Thunberg, who stated that replacing Trump is : “vital to the survival of the world.”

Yeah, he’s the Savior. Don’t mind me. Just invented the polio vaccine is all. Scroll right on by. No big.

Time magazine’s Person Of The Year, the 17-year old Swesish crusader iterated the endorsement in a statement to Joe Barron, Editor-in-chief of the Washington Queeferbill this last weekend.

“This American Trump person, he is a threat to the health, welfare, and safety of every human being on this planet.  It is of vital importance that he be removed from any position of power as quickly as possible.  It is for this reason that I am supporting the elderly white man, Joe Biden.  Contrary to the ridiculous beliefs of the current *President’s moronic and frankly, severely mentally handicapped cult base, Mr. Biden is in full command of his faculties.  Which is the opposite of Mr. Trump who is nothing more than a confused and incompetent rodeo clown waiting to be retired to the same pasture as the bull he tempts.  You may quote me on that because it was hella deep.”

“Zeke! Hey, is Swedish them kinds of meatballs they make at that gay furniture store?”

Although the endorsement may ring out as simply a publicity stunt to some Republican allies who have grown to enjoy the taste of Trump’s undersized balls, the words bring with them a huge amount of support from the U.N. security council and it’s member nations as well as nearly all environmental groups, unions, and coalitions across the northern hemisphere.  Perhaps this is what was meant in the great American movie : “Star Wars : The Phantom Menace”, when it was stated that “A child shall lead them.”

* impeached

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