House Democrats Ask The UN For Help Impeaching Trump: ‘We’re Out of Options’

14 House Democrats have been implicated in a plot to overthrow the government of the United States by using the United Nations as a tool to “help with Trump’s impeachment.” According to sources in The Hague, the UN turned down their request, but it was a close call:

“The UN Security Council voted 104-103 against helping to overthrow Trump. The deciding votes came from three countries that have immense respect for Trump: Russia, Ukraine, and China. None of those three countries were willing to ‘make Mr. Trump angry,’ as Russian Foreign Minister, Josepi Borronovich told us. ‘He’s powerful man we fear very much. Very much indeed.’

“It’s a good thing Trump is so good at foreign policy.”

The White House says it will investigate the issue and file charges of treason against the usurpers if they are found to be in violation of the Logan Act. According to Director of Media Outreach and Propaganda, Gene DeTater:

“You can’t just go asking foreigners for help with your problems. If you want to impeach the President, you’re going to have to do it with the witnesses and evidence you have. Going to the UN was a low move, even for Pelosi.”

Attorney general Barr and Rudy Giuliani will begin looking into this travesty of justice as early as Wednesday of next week. Giuliani told our reporter in the field, Art Tubolls:

“Messing with power like that is something the constitution reserves for Presidents for a reason. There’s a reasonable expectation that the man we elect to run the free world is the best qualified for the job. Trump is not only a wildly successful businessman, he’s also a famous TV celebrity, which lends credence to his efforts to keep the world from going to war.”

As usual, Giuliani is spot on. Hopefully, these traitors will be identified and prosecuted for their crimes.

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