Obama Judge Sentences Stone to 40 Years


A shocking and harshly worded judgement came out in the courtroom of Obama-appointee Judge Joseph Barron this morning in Washington’s William S. Preston Federal building.  Stone, a Trump confidant and political insider, who was found guilty of 5 counts recently, ranging from Obstructing a Federal Investigation to Witness Tampering, will be spending the next 40 years in a heavy duty “Supermax” prison.  Stone is 67 years old.

Pictured : A computer simulated model of Stone at age 107 when he’s due for release.

Judge Barron made it clear that he had decided to push for the maximum penalty in this, his bench statement :

“Mr. Stone, I’m going to be frank here.  No one likes you but Trump.  When you have one friend, and it’s Donald goddamn Trump, you’re already a piece of crap.  I was going to sentence you to twenty years, but the combination of your supremely-punchable face and Nixon back-tattoo convinced me to double that.  Have fun being the guy in the pen with two mouths on your body.”

The judge has also ordered Stone to share a cell with Hank “Skullcrusher” Dugan. His last five cellmates were fatally eaten.

Stone appeared to take the sentence lightly, perhaps aware that talk has already begun about the likelihood of a presidential pardon.  However, Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented that she intends to have both Trump and Pence removed from their positions by Christmas, so the opportunity may not ever arrive.  For Roger Stone, it looks like the future intends to teach him that “fist” can indeed, also be a verb.

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