Nancy Pelosi Admits She’s A Crook In Drunken Tirade

Nancy Pelosi is at it again, drinking too much and saying things she later regrets. This time, she admitted she’s a criminal, and there’s no way she’ll be able to deny it.

According to our source at Will McMaster’s Scottish Pub in Glasgow, Pelosi was at their sister bar in New Rochelle, just outside of San Fernando, drinking up a storm and talking trash…about herself:

“I can do anything I want hahahaha! I’m the third most powerful person in the world!!!

“If people knew the stuff I’ve done behind the scenes, they’d tar and feather me. Especially for that one time I sent a basket of mini muffins to Saddam Hussein. He was on my Christmas Card list until 1990.”

Pelosi had several other revelations as well, admitting that she went clubbing with Hillary Clinton on the night of the Benghazi attacks and bailing her drug-dealing daughters out of jail and paying off the DA to make them 30 years younger with different names.

The one that will stand out the most, however, is her admission that she robbed Social Security to pay her own alcohol tab for flights to Ukraine:

“I’ve spent more than $3 million dollars on gin and tonic and the taxpayers love me for it hahahaha!!!!

“They don’t even know why I was going to Ukraine. When they ask, I say, ‘talk to Hunter Biden’ hahahaha.”

She’s such a crook. When will the American people realize how corrupt she is? Even though none of this can be corroborated and it’s under the heading “fiction,” when will they open their eyes?

Nancy Pelosi isn’t a good leader when you consider all of the things she’s accused of. If they aren’t true, she’s still Gavin Newsom’s aunt, and that kind of thing shouldn’t be allowed in our government.

Make her resign, Democrats! How hard is it to see the truth!



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