Twitter CEO to Trump : ‘I’ll Do What I Want’


Taking the lead in this week’s news cycle to distract Americans from the fact that America has reached a terrifying milestone in the pandemic crisis with over 100,000 now dead of the virus, is a tiff that *President Trump began when Twitter made the precedented move to label two of his tweets with a fact check.  Trump, feeling slighted by this action, announced his plan to begin censoring the social media platform, along with Facebook, by way of executive order.

An executive order of this type of course, is not only beyond his power to regulate a private business, but non-binding anyway, and viewed by many to be a childish butthurt response, to be expected of a frail, morbidly obese old chimpy baby throwing a tantrum.

Joe Barron, CEO and co-creator of Twitter responded to Trump’s pissy party with a brief statement to the media:

“Frankly, it’s my company, and I’ll do what I like.  If I want to change his Twitter name to ‘Little Bitchyboy’, I will.  He does nothing but post absolute ranting nonsense and ramblings from his shitty tardbrain, and some of it can get people hurt.  He’s lucky I don’t just cut his fat ass off entirely.  I still might.  Test me, you rancid bag of moldy dicks.   I dare you.  Bitch.”

A similar response came from the Zuckerberg camp, but of a different timbre:

“So.  I’m like, super sorry?  But, you know, if you’re going to be posting hate speech and lies about a pandemic you screwed up? Okay?  I’m gonna have to give you what we call a timeout, okay? Little breaky break?  Help ya’ get that dementia in check a little bit?  Just a little?  Little teensy bit?  Okay?”

It looks like this war of Davids versus Morbidly-obese Goliath may just be starting.  We’ll keep you updated as it continues.


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