Jury Foreman In Clinton Foundation Case Says ‘I’m With Her’ - Weeks Before The Trial Begins

The Clinton Foundation is facing charges of fraud, money laundering, and breach of the public trust in a suit brought by the State of Mississippi. The outcome of that trial, which won’t begin for another 3 weeks, has already been determined — by the jury foreperson herself.

In an interview conducted by the prosecution, Deschy Zoenelle — the elected foreperson for the case — declared that regardless of what the prosecution has to say, she’ll be backing the Clinton Foundation, specifically Hillary Clinton:

“We already know how this is going to go. The prosecution will present things we simply don’t want to hear, and we’ll return an acquittal. That’s just how it is. I’m with her.”

That may be the most egregious miscarriage of justice since OJ Simpson was set free. Hillary and her “foundation” have been under investigation for years, and the facts of the case are solid.

So, should we, as Americans, allow this kind of sham to continue? It’s time to get on the phone and call your Senator and tell him or her that all trials need to be fair and impartial. Allowing this to happen would erode our democracy and send a clear message that America doesn’t care about truth. We only care about partisan politics.

The state has filed a motion to dismiss the foreperson, but the jury was already approved and it looks like they’ll be going ahead anyway.

It’s a sad day in this country when justice isn’t just ignored; it’s trampled upon by partisan hacks.

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