Willie Mays Calls Anti-Trump Chanters ‘Great Americans’


The loony liberal left brought itself to invade America’s greatest pastime last week as boos and chants of “lock him up!” greeted President Trump’s presence at the 5th game of the World Series last week.  Secret service agents were quick to immediately muffle the President’s ears to avoid some possible ego-based incident, but the damage had been done.  The real surprise was legendary baller Willie “Say hey” Mays.

I was totally surprised that Tigh was a cylon. Oh frak. Spoiler alert.

Mays himself was in attendance at the game, and gave a short interview to Phil McKrevisse of Knuckleballs magazine:

“Those are some great Americans right there.  See, they know a horribly criminal scumbag of a President when they see one.  I hope security gets up ad throws his ads right out of here.   There was one game I played in San Francisco where some guy in the stands started throwing dildoes around and they rammed him into a fence and took him down to the dugout so we could all boot him in the nuts.  That would have been nice to see again.  A good old fashioned nut booting.  That’s what baseball is all about.”

Mays also put Daryl Strawberry in a garbage can and rolled him down a hill into a mound of manure. Gotta love baseball.

Mays, a legendary superstar of the sport says he’s not worried about any blowback from Trump’s ragged and often incoherent fan base.

“What, 25 morons with 13 teeth among them driving golf carts and slapping colostomy bags?  I’d be more afraid of a Yankee fastball.”

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