Nancy Pelosi Promises More Articles of Impeachment if Trump is Acquitted

Nancy Pelosi is off the rails with trump Derangement Syndrome. Knowing that her sham impeachment is dead in the water, the Speaker of the House is determined to make sure it never ends.

According to our source inside her office, which may or may not be reliable or connected to Pelosi, she’s promising to hold America hostage with more articles of impeachment, more investigations, and another $2.4 billion in costs:

“According to our guy, who was near the room when she said it, Pelosi says she will offer a new set of impeachment articles the second Trump is acquitted. Next time it will be for violations of the Emoluments Clause, running a fraudulent charity, and hiring ‘idiots’ to advise him on matters of national security.”

Under Article 2 Section 11 Subsection 13 of the US Constitution, a President can be impeached as many times as the House sees fit, but never for the same crime twice. So even though there’s a ton of new evidence from Lev Parnas and John Bolton that could be devastating to trump, nobody will ever hear it.

Trump’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, says that’s just the way it goes:

“Maybe they shopuldn’t have done things like block the President from testifying in person. He would have been more than happy to sit down and tell his side during the House trial, but now he’s not willing to cooperate at all. I can’t say I blame him. He’s as guilty as sin and he knows it, but those facts are now part of the Democrat legacy of losing.

“President Trump can’t be tried for the same crime twice, so they’ll go after him for some of the other things he’s done, all of which will also be tossed out by the loyal patriots in the Senate.”

When will the Democrats learn that we don’t care about their criminal charges and proof of corruption? The stock market is at an all-time high and socialist programs are going down in flames. It won’t be long before America is the great country we remember from before all of this political correctness nonsense.

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