Supreme Court Unseals and Reinstates 1952 ‘Anti-Islamical Laws’

One of the reasons you hardly ever hear the Democrats talk about that 1952 law that banned the Islamical Moon God and the Sharia Law that came with it is because the liberal Supreme Court that struck it down sealed the contents.

According to sources inside the Library of Congress, the contents of the law are set to be released to the general public sometime within the next few days. What we know for sure is this:

  • Anyone practicing Sharia Law inside the United States is subject to deportation to a country of the government’s choosing.
  • The Musselmanic religion, in general, is not a valid religion in the eyes of our Christian nation or its government.
  • Radical Islam is not welcome in grocery stores, shopping malls, or other places where people gather peacefully.
  • Jihad inside the United States is forbidden and subject to fines or imprisonment.
  • Swearing an oath of office on a Koran renders the oath null and void, as it is a fictional book written by a cartoon character.
  • No active member of the Musselmanic religion will be given US citizenship under any circumstance.
  • “Musselmanic” refers to anyone believing in, or observing, such things that their God and prophet would be very upset if we talked about them.
  • “Allah” is not an acceptable name for any God, especially THE God, unless you don’t believe in God.

These aren’t things that should have ever been in question. The session of the Supreme Court went on privately from Bret Kavanaugh’s beach house in Rehoboth, Maryland. The 4 liberal judges didn’t bother to attend.

According to sources close to the White House, this was in the works for some time. Director of Information and propaganda, Art Tubolls, says it was inevitable:

“It was only a matter of time before this happened. The main thing we need to worry about in this country is our own safety, and right now, Musselmanics with bombs are the number one priority. They’re pouring across our borders from the South and they’re coming to our islands, like Puerto Rico, Guam, and New Guinea, where the corrupt governments don’t even bother stopping them.

The founders made it clear: we are a Christian nation. If you don’t like that, you should probably convert.”

Great advice from a wise man. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

See the report from Flagg below:

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