NFL Serves Colin Kaepernick With League-Wide Restraining Order: ‘Take Your Nonsense Elsewhere’

The NFL has finally made a wise decision. While they don’t seem to care if players kneel or not, they definitely don’t want Colin Kaepernick doing it. Kaepernick, who typically starts every season by showing up in San Fransisco to make a spectacle of the opening day national anthem, was stopped at the gate and served with a restraining order instead.

NFL spokesman, Art Tubolls, made a brief statement:

“While we appreciate the effort Mr. Kaepernick has made to keep himself in the news, he is no longer welcome at NFL stadiums, in NFL stores or at NFL functions.”

Tubolls told us that the NFL had been pressured by the White House and the NRA to make Kaepernick a memory instead of allowing him to be yet another story circulated by liberal trolls to make conservatives look silly when they share it.

Kaepernick says the NFL has no right to keep him out of the stadium if he has a ticket, to which the nice policeman who served him the order informed him they did. “I had to remind him that without his football fame, we get to treat him like just another thug trying to break the law.”

Sounds like today didn’t go the way of the traitoristical socialists. What a shame.

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