‘Forced’ to Work On Labor Day, Illegal Immigrant Sues Restaurant


It’s the New American Dream, it seems nowadays.   Sneak your way into our country, be lucky enough to find a job, get coddled by liberals so you can stay and swim in a hot tub of food stamps, and If anyone bothers you, you can use the legal system against us to get your way.  Well, you might hear a different story from Hammond Sheeze, the manager of Chi Chi’s Restaurant in Buffalo, New York.  He and the franchise are being sued for $75 million by an “undocumented” immigrant working as a dishwasher because he had to work on Labor Day.

Just stay away from the Montezuma Burrito or you’ll get diarrhea-diarrhea.

The ACLU has taken the case of Jose Alfredo Luis-Ayala-Gonzalez, 31, who claims that Sheeze forced him to work his regular shift, even though the purpose of Labor Day was to allow workers to have an extra day off.  Gonzales claims he was told to come in or be “written up”, by management, a long-used restaurant disciplinary technique which means just about nothing.  Fearing for his job security, however, the dishwasher of nearly eight months showed up.  ACLU prosecutor Sanders Battman explained :

“It is against the law to force or compel against one’s will any employee to attend to employment on a designated holiday.  The citizenship status of said employee is irrelevant.  My client was wronged, and has suffered immeasurable pain and damage to his psychological health.  But if I HAD to measure it, it would come out to about seventy-five million dollars.”

The plaintiff intends to use part of the settlement to buy this sweet Millenium Falcon axe. It will serve as his therapeutic Service Guitar.

Chi Chi’s, an aging restaurant chain doing it’s best to continue operating says it absolutely cannot afford the payout, should Gonzales win.  Perhaps this is a case of David versus Goliath, or more appropriately, Jose versus El Machete.

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