Controversial Biden Tweet Let Stand - No Problem


It looks like social media communication company Twitter has chosen to really reveal their true colors.  After daring to censor tweets by *President Trump, citing that they are non-factual and serve and incitements to violence, and then making a mockery of and ignoring his executive order to regulate free speech, when candidate Joe Biden tweeted out a nasty and, some say, vaguely threatening statement towards Trump, the company has publicly decided to let that message stand with no action of any kind to be taken.

“Omigod this is totally like when Kylie and Kim had that big fight and Kim said her hair looked like puke spaghetti and she STILL got allowed to go to that fashion show in Milan! “

Biden’s tweet suggests that the *President has become completely psychotically detached from reality, outwardly supporting irrational conspiracy theories and seemingly chomping at his extra-large morbidly obese bit to start a second civil war, and that authorities should prepare to remove him “by force”. Doctor Joe Barron of the Queefington Institute in New Jersey agreed with Biden’s sentiment:

“Trump has been on a slow downhill slide from sanity for a long time now.  What we’re witnessing now, through his actions, speeches, and tweets, is a ‘psychotic break’, coupled with an alarming Napolean complex.  The *President has come to believe that everyone everywhere who isn’t nuzzling his balls is against him, including even reporters asking simple questions and his political rivals.  He was never mentally qualified for office in the first place, but now, almost four years later, he has become the greatest danger to this country than literally anything else.  I cannot stress this enough : Donald Trump is psychologically more damaged than Charles Manson ever was.  Biden is absolutely right.”

As if to affirm his mental illness, Trump tweeted out this photo with the caption : “Illegal alien sitting pretty waiting to vote by spacemail waffle zebrapussy chow chow.”

Twitter representatives released a single one-off comment when asked about the tweet - “And?”, indicating that they would not be removing or even tagging the post.  I guess now double standards come by way of 148 characters.


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