White House Source Reveals The Dirt Giuliani Has On Creepy Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani has made it clear that if something happens to him, the Bidens will pay. According to our sources, Giuliani’s fears stem from a letter he got from the Clinton Foundation asking for “donations that could help save a crooked lawyer’s life.” He took the threat seriously and circled the wagons.

Our source inside the White House says that Giuliani isn’t kidding when he says he has the dirt on Biden. According to Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls:

“Mr. Giuliani isn’t taking the threat lightly. He has an entire dossier on the Biden family that he’s instructed his personal attorney to release should he die unexpectedly or just disappear. The threat is real once the Clintons get involved.”

Our source in the White House server room says the dossier isn’t available to anyone but Rudy Giuliani and the President himself. But that hasn’t stopped leakers from divulging the details. According to a man who refuses to be named out of fear for his safety if the Clintons find out, Biden should be worried:

“Rudy Giuliani has proof that Biden contracted the Clinton Foundation to have a few of his son’s rivals in Ukraine killed. He also has a college transcript that says Biden failed Freshman English…twice. And as the coup de gras, there is very strong evidence that Biden secretly attends Muslim prayer meetings with Obama. All of those things mean he’s a liar who should be charged with treason.”

The Biden campaign hasn’t responded to our re4quests for a comment. According to other sources, the dossier also includes several years of Biden’s tax returns that he refused to show anyone, an old court case that was dismissed for failure to pay $597 in parking tickets to the City of Baltimore, and 3 scorecards from charity golf tournaments that prove he fudged his scores to get a higher placement.

What does all this mean? It means that Giuliani has had all of this information for years, which tells us exactly why he would lead the charge to investigate the Burisma debacle and the Crowdstrike crimes. We applaud your courage, Mayor Rudy. Keep up the good work!

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