Protesters in N.Y. Flying Remote Control Airplanes Into Trump Tower


An anti-Trump protest group calling themselves “Left America Roars” has chosen to exploit the anniversary of the terror and turbulence of 9/11 today by gathering around the base of Trump Tower in New York, and flying miniature remote-control airplanes into the sides of the building.  The shockingly obscene display is causing a variety of responses from onlookers and police ranging from outraged disgust to bemused nervous chuckling.

“Carl, we told you not to bring the X-Wing. We’re trying to make a serious point, here.”

L.A.R.’s spokesman, Willie B. Hardigan contends that the “performance protest” is an act intended to represent the wish of a majority of Americans that the Tower had been hit instead, as well as a commentary on the fact that President Trump is selling weapons to the very people that bore some responsibility for the attack.  Hardigan gave an interview to local news station WQEF:

“Some people say we’re crossing some ‘line’ with this protest, especially on this day.  But I say, if it brings attention to more people to understand what a fascist piece of garbage we have pretending to run the White House, then it’s effective.  We already have a generous backer willing to pay any reimbursement from any slight damage caused by today’s display.  I can’t tell you who, but his name rhymes with Morge Youros.”

Hardigan may be referring to Plorge Flourous, noted billionaire from the Delta quadrant.

So far, the protest hasn’t caused any perceptible damage and no one has been injured.  But it’s just a matter of time with liberals.  At some point one or two of them will decide to loot or start throwing pussy hats at people.  What an embarrassing and childish display to cheapen the beautiful penis-like structure of America’s most Hurricane-nuking President.

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