AOC Wants U.N. Observers to Oversee Post Office


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has really made a name for herself in a short period of time.  Known or her incredible popularity in Democratic and under-40 age groups, she’s created her brand by offering common-sense solutions from outside of the normal box.

The Drink-mixing Diva came up with a solution to the current Postal Service concerns yesterday during a shopping excursion to a local Forever 21 outlet in Washington.  The idea is to have the United Nations send a team to closely monitor and provide assistance to the mail system to assure voters in particular, that mail-in ballots are completely safe and reliable.

Recently, a certain dumber segment of the population became concerned that such ballots have and would somehow lead to voter fraud.  There is no such record of that happening in the history of the United States.  However, since Trump’s supporters are dumb enough to eat batteries if Trump told them they’re candy, it seems appropriate to have an outside set of eyes.

Trump’s supporters aren’t exactly known for their judgement or intelligence, are they. No, they are not.

Joe Barron of Conservatives Reacting As Pudlickers says the UN isn’t welcome in our American system and calls Cortez : “Mexican or something.”

“Even though the United States is a founding member of and the largest contributor to the U.N., we don’t need them meddling in our affairs.  Even though they are around 75% us.  We don’t want those us’s here.  We need to just eliminate the entire post office to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.  It’s the only way.  Next up, we need to go after the airplanes that can carry ballots from overseas voters.  No more airplanes.  You can walk, lazy libtards. That little hot girl can go back to bartending.  Or dancing.  That video is super hot.”

United Nations representatives have taken the request to heart and are preparing an exploratory committee to take on the task.  It looks like AOC is handling Donald Trump’s job for him.  Again.

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