Kamala Drops ‘N’ Word Discussing Pence


The road to election 2020 is certain to be filled with plenty of excitement, drama, and controversy.  Democratic Vice President candidate Kamala Harris may have just given us a sneak-peek into the political circus that awaits last night, when, during an interview, the young black lawyer dropped the “N” word while discussing her erstwhile opponent, incumbent Mike Pence.

Pence bristled at the news and described the term as : “heavy.”

In a spirited interview yesterday with Sandy Batt of Trumpers Are Afraid of Black Women magazine, Harris was asked halfway through the discussion if she thought the debate between she and Pence would be challenging.

“Challenging?  Between me and albino Lurch?  Yeah, I don’t think so.  I’m not altogether positive that that boy isn’t just a Chuck-E-Cheese robot of that self-whipping monk from the DaVinci Code.  You know why I’m not worried?  Because we have a name for people like Pence.  Nutlicker.  He’s a Nutlicker.  That’s literally his only job in the White House.  Licking Trump’s nuts.  I’d bet you money right now that as we speak, that Q-Tip Quasimodo is back-to-the-carpet in a West Wing linen closet getting teabagged by Trump’s twin Barron apartments.  That old mouth seen more nuts in it than an Almond Joy bar, that’s for sure.  I’m betting the first thing out of his mouth at the debate is gonna be a clot of pubic hairs.  Nutlicking bastard.”

“Is best to begin at back of scrotum and play alphabet forward with tongue.”

Although “Nutlicker” doesn’t formally appear in Webster’s Dictionary, it is commonly defined as : “One who’s primary function and purpose is to gargle with human testicles.”  It was first introduced into the American vernacular in the 1800’s to describe musical composer Phil Collins.

As the race heats up and Vice President Pence continues to slobber all over President Trump’s wrinkled and deflated fungalberries, the rhetoric is sure to get more and more fiery.  Let’s hope Mrs. Harris can manage to keep it a bit more civil.  Even if she’s black.

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