Goldberg Calls President ‘Typhoid Trump’ on ‘The View’


D-list celebrity Whoopi Goldberg has never been shy about letting her liberal freak flag fly.  That disturbing fact was never more apparent than yesterday, during a taping of popular morning television talk show “The View”, as the conversation turned inevitably to politics, and the singing nun/space bartender labeled our President with the moniker “Typhoid Trump”.

Yet no one seems overly concerned about Herpes Tommy. Hypocrites.

Goldberg was referring to the sinister tale of Mary Mallon, who earned the nickname “Typhoid Mary” for her part in infecting dozens of people with typhoid fever in the late 1800s.  Goldberg made the comparison citing the tired liberal talking points consisting of the absolutely true fact that Trump wrote off the current pandemic crisis as a politically motivated hoax for three crucial months at the start when he should have been listening to professional advisors from the Department of Health and the CDC.  The actress seems to believe the failed businessman who bankrupted an airline, a casino, and several hotels is somehow incompetent.

Is this the loving face of incompetence? I think not. Well…

The childish insult is nothing new to the Hollywood elite, with other celebrities enjoying a season of Trump-bashing.  Musical legend Bruce Springsteen referred to our leader as “Dumber than New Jersey’s turnpike”, entertainer Taylor Swift featured a Trump lookalike in her video for the hit song : “Fat Oranga-Tango”, and even film great Robert DeNiro got in on the fun, re-enacting a scene from the movie “Meet the Fockers”, where he used the real “F” word sixty-five times in reference to America’s most unvocabularied President.

Is it time for trashy talk programs like “The View” and others of it’s ilk to be cancelled so that conservatives without senses of humor and easily triggered when their lack of critical thinking is exposed can feel better about pushing this mentally handicapped imbecile into the highest position in government?  Only the ratings can decide.

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