California Governor Says All Households Earning Over $30K ‘Must Take In A Refugee’

The socialist state of California is planning to put even more burdens on its people. According to a source close to the Governor’s office, Gavin Newsom has decided that to “help the refugees” during these trying times, that all families making over $30K a year will be required to take one in.

The source, an aide who used to work with Newsom but walked away from the Democrats last June, says that he heard the information from a credible source. According to that source, who may or may not have actual knowledge of the situation, things in Calicommiefornia are about to get real:

“I heard that he heard that the Governor is drafting an order to require all California residents to take in a refugee. Depending on how much you make, you may be required to take in a whole family.

“I don’t know about how the Democrats feel, but we Republicans have only hoarded enough toilet paper for a year for our own families, never mind wiping the butts of some folks pretending to be running from the drug lords and despots that rule their home countries.

“It’s just not fair. This is socialism. These people are waiting for their check from Trump and now they have to share it? That’s not what this whole thing is about.”

The report, which couldn’t be verified by any “traditional” source, is credible enough that more than 20 people who dislike the Governor inside Republican offices in Sacramento have confirmed that it is most likely probably true. The mainstream media hasn’t picked up on the story, but CNN’s Don Lemon was heard on a hot mic yesterday saying. “I sure do hope it’s true.”

All we can do is bow our heads to Jesus and hope it isn’t true, Patriots. Sadly, there’s really no way to know for sure until the law comes out.

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