Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas Reach Out To Trump With Advice On How To Win

Texas had great intentions when it filed that suit with the Supreme Court, but unfortunately, it was destined to fail. Not because the case had no merits, which it probably didn’t, but because it was procedurally improper.

Justices Kavanaugh and Thomas have reached out privately to the president and offered their professional insight on how to properly get a case before the Supreme Court in this situation.

According to people in the room, what the Justices told Trump is nothing short of brilliant constitutional know-how translated into simple legal terms that could get them an audience with the highest court in the land.

While the details have to remain classified so there’s no conflict of interest, we do know that Both of the justices know about beating the odds and getting something done through lies, deceit, and political posturing.

Thomas likely told him to calmly deny everything, speaking only when absolutely necessary, which simply isn’t Trump’s style.

Kavanaugh, on the other hand, has the perfect demeanor to be a Trump disciple and that may translate well when arguing before him.

So Trump should yell and cry, if necessary, and keep pounding home that getting into an expensive, Ivy League school with privilege and money is far more impressive than starting from scratch and making a name for yourself.

It’s a brilliant strategy. The Democrats say they aren’t concerned, because when the smoke clears, none of these little games or legal tactics will matter.

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