Trump’s Entire Cabinet Will Resign In Protest of Election

President Trump’s entire cabinet is going to make history by resigning — all at the same time — to protest the outcome of the 2020 election.

According to a source close to the administration who may or may not have direct knowledge of the plan, the mass-resignation would leave a power vacuum in every aspect of the government and would create a feeling of hopelessness and despair among liberals, particularly registered Democrats.

Word has it that the Joint Chiefs of Staff will also resign, which will leave nobody between Trump and burning down whatever he feels like burning down between then and the inauguration.

Basically, they’re calling for a free-for-all during this lame-duck session and will do nothing to stop the insanity of the Trump team is the Oval Office that may or may not be planning to institute martial law and take control of the executive branch by force.

Trump met privately with Mike Pence so they could discover what’s next, and it was decided that Pence should do his duty under the current constitution, then leave the country until the inauguration so he’d be ready to assume control if things go awry and President Trump is somehow defeated on the field of battle.

Pence says he’s not fond of having to declare the Electoral College vote to be legal and binding, but he’s “hopeful that the new movement will bring with it a new chapter in the history of our constitution with some changes that benefit real Americans.”

Not to worry, folks. Any changes would have to go to the ballots, but since we know Trump can just tell us what wins and loses regardless, we’ll just let him lead until he decides to stop.

Hopefully, he passes his power on to Don Jr. or Ivanka. Eric is kind of stoogely.

Anyway, the resignation will take place at noon on January 20th. That should show those libs.

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