Epstein Investigators Ready To Move In On Bill Clinton

Investigators in New York have indicated that they’re ready to start moving in on Bill Clinton for the murder of Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein, who was killed last month after agreeing to turn over state’s evidence against Clinton and others, promises to be just as much a thorn in the side of the rich and powerful men like Slick Willie, even in death.

According to our source, who may or may not have been working at the prison on the weekend before Epstein died, investigators have been asking all the right questions to set Clinton up for a major fall:

“They’re asking about phone calls and visits from an older man with gray hair. They think Clinton was blackmailing Epstein is what I think. The guards let it happen, too. It’s like they were on the payroll or something.

“One thing is for sure…Epsteing didn’t kill himself.”

Several other people have come forward to tell the investigating officers about their own experiences with Clinton and Epstein. One woman swears she saw them together at the 1994 Super Bowl eating nachos outside gate 5. Another says she was at Checkpoint Charlie’s in New Orleans doing laundry when she overheard Clinton tell Epstein that he wanted to visit Thailand for authentic Pad Thai.

Probably the most damning evidence is the pilot of Epstein’s plane, who says that while he was forced to fly blindfolded from just after takeoff until just before landing, he distinctly heard the same tune Clinton played on the sax on the Arsenio show in 1992 coming from the passenger cabin, along with the unmistakable drawl that only Bill Clinton and many others from Arkansas possess.

There’s far too much going on for this to be a coincidence. One thing is for certain: Clinton is in their crosshairs, and this time he may not be able to have people suicided to cover his tracks.

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