Mike Bloomberg Paid Russian Officers To Pretend They Helped Trump Win

In the latest news out of Russia, several officers have admitted that they were paid by Mike Bloomberg’s personal attorney to pretend they were working with the Trump campaign to help him win in 2016. While there’s no clear evidence to back the allegation, there is a whole bunch of reasons to believe it’s true.

First, Mike Bloomberg has made it clear that he hates Donald Trump. He’s gone so far as to call him names and claim he’s corrupt. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Next, Mike Bloomberg has the kind of money it would take to pull this off. It’s just a drop in the bucket for him to hand over a few hundred million to some Russians. Those Russians, who have never been officially named, were paid by bank checks made out to “cash.”

Bloomberg also had a vested interest in seeing trump lose in 2016, just like he does in 2020. With Trump as President, he’s not the most famous New Yorker, and he can’t handle that kind of blow to his ego. His campaign says his past racist, sexist mistakes were all aimed at being “more famous than Trump”

With all of that to consider, the new report that it was Bloomberg, not trump, who was colluding with Russians, is much easier to swallow. Poor little Mikey. He’s gonna need an extra box to stand tall for his next trip to the Big Apple.

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