Clint Eastwood’s Betrayal Has Cost Him $30 Million

Clint Eastwood’s surprise betrayal of President Trump and the Republican party is making waves across the conservative world. Unfortunately for Eastwood, those waves sent ripples all the way to Hollywood.

Eastwood, 83, had more than $30 million worth of projects canceled after he decided he was just another elitist liberal backing Mini Mike Bloomberg. According to NBC Disney’s Director of Programming, Art Tubolls, Eastwood’s current political posturing doesn’t fit with their audience:

“One of the projects in the works was Torino 2. To do a movie like that, you have to be able to sell the character. Nobody is going to buy that Clint Eastwood, a liberal SJW, is that slightly controversial racist pig everyone on the right seems to love.

“It’s a lot like when Bradley Cooper showed up at the Democrat Convention and we had to cancel the sequel to the Chris Kyle movie.”

The studio also canceled a reboot of Kindergarten Cop that was to be set in an immigrant detention center in El Paso, citing the need for a “more relatable lead.” Rumor has it that Jon Voight may step up and take that role.

Eastwood will now spend the rest of his days lamenting his decision to turn on President Trump, trying desperately to re-cast himself into more liberal roles. Unfortunately, nobody seems to want a Dirty Harry who cares more about gun safety than shooting bad guys.

Not a great move, Mr. Eastwood. Consider yourself boycotted.

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