Rupert Murdoch Says Fox News Reporters ‘Mutinied’ and ‘Many Will Be Fired’

According to Rupert Murdoch’s assistant, Leo, the entertainment magnate isn’t happy with the crew down at Fox News in Atlanta.

Murdoch, who is well-known for making sure the people working for him keep their message on point, says the staff at the network — particularly the field reporters — failed miserably with their coverage of the 2020 general election.

“Their job,” Leo said, “was to report positive things about the Trump campaign numbers and to assume Trump would win until the Electoral College meets on December 12th.”

They missed completely, and now they will pay.

Fox News’s own Chris Wallace admitted that he and others refused to follow Murdoch’s instructions:

“We were told to lie and say the election was in the bag for Trump. We were supposed to call legal American votes ‘fraudulent.’ We were supposed to interview nobody but Trump and his kids and keep playing those interviews for a month.

“Some of still believe in news, and we weren’t going to capitulate.”

That may be a little too little too late, since those working for Fox have willingly ignored reality for the better part of the past 2 decades as the network turned our parents and grandparents into mindless, droning, wight-wing zombies.

But this was different. According to 11 employees now on the chopping block, they had no choice but to draw the line when Trump decided he’d call democracy itself into question by casting doubt on our electoral system and claiming he was cheated.

That’s not Murdoch’s concern, though. He says these people have contracts, and that they work for him, and by proxy, President Trump.

Murdoch’s office is supposed to have a full list of the upcoming firings by early next week.

Hopefully, they let that awful Napolitano guy go and promote Tucker Carlson to the anchor desk. He and Hannity would make a great election night team.


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